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Here’s What Business Leaders and Experts Are Saying
About Outsourcing
“Today, every Fortune 500 company hires foreign workers to perform repetitive and thinking tasks. Even the top 100 accounting firms are using this low-cost resource to cover the shortage of knowledgeable bookkeepers and accountants…” KC Truby, business owner who teaches people how to outsource


“Most companies will ask themselves a couple of questions that will highlight their potential need for an outsourcing company. ‘Are we performing these actions sub par compared to the rest of our industry peers?’ and ‘Are our costs above average for this function?’ are a couple questions that need to be answered. The management needs to look at their business from a strategy perspective. Without these aspects taking up personnel and time, they could focus their capital and energy on other areas.” Vin Gulisano, senior vice president of global sales, marketing, and business solutions engineering for APL Logistics, as quoted in Industrial Distribution magazine


“Mature outsourcing partnerships eventually boil down to one of intimacy and collaborative accountability.” Outsourcing Journal


“Be sure that (outsourcers) will support you and your company, and that your business isn’t a minor player in their scheme of things.” Neil MacIvor, chief operating officer of New Product Innovations, as quoted in Industrial Distribution magazine


“Outsourcing has increased business ability. A task that used to require as much as four days now can be done almost instantaneously.” Outsourcing Journal


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